Issue Connecting Cameras to DW81KD


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  • James N

    The issue is the DVR.. Hate to say that even my 81KD has issues with different Format Cameras even though it is reported as a 5mp DVR that is 4 in 1 the DVR don't want to work with any of my CVI cameras that I try to use in CVI. if I change them to TVI then the camera will work fine. Because your camera is a 4mp AHD it could be the issue with your system not working. Here is something I would try. I am not sure if your camera has a OSD, However if it does and the camera is able to work at a different format then just 4mp AHD I would try 2mp AHD if it supports that and then try to connect it. It might be that your DVR will not work with a true 4mp AHD camera or it might be that your 4mp is really 4.5mp or just over the Annke's ability to run the camera. I do see in the part you say what your camera can do that the Resolution is 4mp or 1080p AKA 2mp I would try to setup in 2mp and see what happens when you connect to the ANnke DVR.. 

    Good Luck


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