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  • James N

    Well if you had to use Annke then I would look at this camera. https://www.annke.com/products/nc400#specification Personally I think it is little costly for what is offered. Now I  am going to guess that your NVR is a 4mp and that is why I think that is best option. However if it works in 5mp format then I would look at the Annke WZ500. While it is a PTZ camera, It offers some good specs for the price. 20x zoom so you can put it in an area that shares some other points of interest and be able to see more then you would with just a normal static camera.. https://www.annke.com/products/wz500#specification If you NVR will not work with a 5mp camera then the first one will give you Night Color and a very clear night picture. For me if you had a camera coming up to your front door, I would use the Color one at night for clear idea of who is coming to your door at night. Or Maybe a Pool in the backyard would be good with a Color camera. Better then using a IR one..  

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  • Kyle


    For the WZ500 camera, it needs to connect to your current NVR via ONVIF protocol, so it might not be as convenience as those one can plug and play.

    Basically, the camera that video compression is H.264 and resolution is no higher than 6MP should be compatible with your system.

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