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  • James N

    Well I had something all wrote out and thought it might be a good option however after looking at the Specs I don't see anything about ONVIF, so before you buy this camera I would contact Annke and make sure that it would be able to connect to your DVR..

    However for a camera that would work and for the price point for option differences I personally would get this camera.  Looking in the Specs it does say that it is Onvif so there should be no issue using this with your DVR. I have used many different IP cameras with my Annke DW81KD, Even turned off all the BNC cameras and made it a pure IP camera recorder.

    I don't own either of these cameras, I am looking at maybe buying the WZ500 my self however. I mean I have many many cameras that I have become very picky on what I add to my fleet of cameras now days.. 

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