Night Vision turn off after Montion detection


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  • James N

    Hello sorry to hear about the issue.. I don't have the camera (device) you are talking about and when I tired to look at the Manual on Annke's website it leads me to a Manual for the 81KD and some other DVR's lol.. So I can't tell you without knowing more about the device you are working with.. What I can tell you is how my system works.. 

    So on cameras that have White Leds and also work in B/W at night. I have the ability to turn on the leds or to flash them. If in motion it is setup as Full time on and I have the Event area setup to Flash then my system gets little confused and turns the camera from B/W to Color on the event, as soon as the event ends then the camera will return to B/W and IR comes back on. Now if I set the Event area to not flash the LED but be on full time as well then the Led don't flash and I can get a clear picture in Color at night and that can be a good thing when it comes to having someone that you need to give police info about color of clothes, hair, eye and the like. Flashing and not able to see all this or being in B/W and not being able to tell what is what can be hard to have the police capture someone off a B/W picture unless they are close enough to get a perfect match.. 

    My guess for your system is that you have your Event time set to long and when the camera goes off for 3 flashes the system is setup to record longer then this and is causing the IR not to turn back on or it is waiting for the delay in the cameras settings to return it back to the IR state. Either way most of the cameras have settings where you can setup the time and state of each action. 

    Again sorry I wasn't able to find the Manual on Annke as the link leads to a DVR manual and not your camera even though the camera model was in the link for what manual it should have been leading me too. 

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