Need a way to purchase replacment power cable for HDD


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  • James N

    Normally when the system is bought new they come with the Connectors either installed already or in the box. I have 3 DVR's laying around I mean if you are in the USA I could mail you out one.. If not in the USA or if you would rather buy them. You can find them on Ebay for 20 or around that with the right ends however it seems in the fast looking I did they are only sold in pairs. If you could find someone that is selling them 1pc each could be much less then 20. But there are options. 

    About Cars. Annke don't sale you the Security Recorder DVR/NVR for 20 to 100k and the cost of these Recorders they are really considered Consumables. Not the same as buying a car.. Sorry your machine didn't seem to come with one. My guess it was used and easier for the scrapper to pull from PCB then it was to pull from HDD before it was resold used. 

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