My wireless security system stays on the logo screen after it was powered on... Pls help!!!



  • Lulu

    Hi, Metthew, I faced the same issuem and the issue get resolved by unpluging the Ethernet cable from system, then restart the system. Hope it will help you.

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  • Customer

    try a upgrade on the cameras and on the dvr if you can get new software




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  • Andy

    Hi, friend, 

    Usually, when you connect DVR to a power source with adapter, the monitor will show Annke or Sannce logo about 10 seconds. Then you will hear a beep and see a video of the camera(if the camera is connected) and setting panel on the screen.

    If it enters the procedure to Annke logo or its stays color mode and can‘t, the system doesn‘t power on successfully.

    Please try the methods below.

    1. If you are using HDMI port on DVR, please try VGA port if you can.

    2. Unplug the adapter and plug again for several times.

    3. Try another adapter.

    4. Unplug all cameras.

    5. Uninstall hard disk drive if it is pre-installed. Here is the method.

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