CCTV not woring



  • Andy

    Hi Ken, 

    Some tips for you:

    1. Please kindly unplug the ethernet cable.

    2. Power off the NVR and power it on again.

    3. Check to enter the system.

    If you can enter the system, please kindly change your NVR's password, then please connect the ethernet cable back.

    If you still can't enter the system, please contact us via submitting a request.

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  • Ken Ellison

    Hi, decided that I would have another go at getting my annke nvr N441L1T + 131V to work, no success.

    Anyone know if there is a straight replacement for this box


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  • Support Team

    Hi, Ken,

    Goo day!

    For this problem, could you please check whether or not the cameras could be detected by the NVR? It could be checked on the Video Manage page.

    If the cameras could be detected, maybe you could pair the cameras with the NVR via the matching code:

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