• Dave Howard

    A quick update.

    I contacted Annke who provided me with a firmware update.

    It was something to do with the Ethernet connection, once the update was done it worked as it should and the new screens where better than before.

    Support even helped me to get the email alert working.

    Hotmail does not work at all but Gmail does.


    Everything all working now.


    Thanks Annke.

  • Kate

    @Dave Howard Glad to hear that the problem has been solved. Cheer up!!!

  • Rickey Roberts

    Someone help me,,ive called and emailed and cant get a response from having the same issue

  • Dave Howard

    Annke support will help

    Try unplugging the internet cable and give it a good 5 minutes to boot up after you re-start it.

    Mine would not boot with the Ethernet plugged in.

    Fixed that with a Firmware update a few days later, now works better than it did new.


    Good Luck

  • Rickey Roberts

    Yeah,mine works until i plug in the Ethernet,then it cuts off,,,I've called and emailed ANNKE and i haven't received a response yet

  • Kate

    @Rickey Roberts Per checked the email, the startup issue has been solved. Enjoy life!!

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