CCTV not working



  • Andy

    Hi Ken, 

    Some tips for you:

    1. Please kindly unplug the ethernet cable.

    2. Power off the NVR and power it on again.

    3. Check to enter the system.

    If you can enter the system, please kindly change your NVR's password, then please connect the ethernet cable back.

    If you still can't enter the system, please contact us via submitting a request.

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  • Caroline Reading

    I have the same issue,changed battery,turned the system on and off several times,and unplugged internet cable,but it just shows the power light on, I only have access to internet through my phone can you help.

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  • Support Team

    @Caroline Reading

    For your problem, please submit a request to the help center to the technical support team. The technical support agent will provide you some suggestions to do the troubleshooting.

    When submitting the request, please attach some details of your problem, such as the model number of your system and the picture of the monitor screen and the status of the lights of the system.

    Here is the link of the help center:

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