• Andy

    Hi friend, 

    If you find that the cameras on your phone says "offline", at first you can go to your DVR/NVR setting to check it network status to check is it online or offline.

    If it is offline, you'd better make it online at first and then you can try to view it on your phone.

    If it is online, while your phone says offline, we are afraid we need more details to better check this problem.

    For your problem, we have already helped you create a new ticket to our system, our technical support will contact you soon.

    Other people who meet the same problem, can share your details here including the model No. and the problem in detail.

    At the same time, in order to help you solve this problem soon and better, we suggest you contact directly by submitting a request.

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  • phuoctrinh451

    hello can you help me why phone says offline i check my DVR/NVR is online 

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  • Support Team


    Good day!

    Could you please provide me the model number of your DVR/NVR? When you are at home, may I know the system is online or not? Besides, please provide me a picture of the camera list on the phone APP. I will locate the problem and provide you a solution as soon as possible.

    Please note that add mosaic when you send the picture here.

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