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  • Support Team

    Hi, Keith,

    Could you please tell me the model number of the device?

    Here is the instruction to find the model number:

    I will provide you the instruction based on the model number.

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  • Keith Hart

    Hi Kate,

    You are a very kind lady to give your time and trouble, just to help me in my hour of difficulty.

    Thank you.

    My device is - Annke 264 NVR.

    Through desperate searching in the on-line Advanced Manual and delving into the depths of the Main Menu, I've been able to find a solution to my dilemma. This was my route :-

    Main Menu>Advanced>Storage>Format Storage.

    By doing this I've been able to remove the offending video file. It has removed all the other recent video files but that does not matter.

    Thank you once again for your help.

    Keith.  in England.

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  • Support Team

    Hello Keith,

    Glad to hear you find a method to format the hard drive. You are such a technical customer. Actually, most of our NVR system can't select the recording files to delete it. Once a customer wants to delete the recording files, we will suggest the customer formatting the hard drive.

    If you want to keep the hard drive recording always, you could set up the overwrite function for the recording. It could be set up on the Menu-->Record-->Advanced-->Overwrite.

    Hope it is helpful for you. ^_^

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  • Carlos Palacios

    How can I delete my old files/videos of my DN81R THANK YOU AND HOW CAN I GET A NEW CAMERA ONE OF MINE IS CRACKED THANK YOU

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  • Support Team

    @Carlos Palacios,

    Good day! ^_^

    For your DVR, please do the formatting to delete all the recording videos. It could be done on the Menu-->HDD-->General-->Init.

    After the Initializing, all the recording files will be erased.

    For the cracked camera, could you please submit a request to the technical support? The technical support agent will help you to do the troubleshooting and provide you a solution as soon as possible.

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