Annke cctv reinstallation


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  • Bella

    Hi, Peace,

    Good day!

    Let me explain what I get from your description:

    1. You have two different Annke systems, and you want to share the two systems for two people.

    2. But you don't want the two people have access to the two systems. You want to share one system with one people, and share the other system with the other people.

    3. Right now, only one system is added to your APP account now.

    If I didn't misunderstand your problem, please follow below instruction:

    1. Please add the two systems to your own APP account.

    2. Follow the instruction to share the systems with other users:

    3. When sharing the device with other users, you could select the cameras and the systems you want to share.

    If I misunderstood your problem, please kindly correct me.

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