Playback on DN81R



  • Support Team

    Hi, friend,

    Good day!

    For this problem, I suppose there are many motion detections for the cameras. Once motion detection is triggered by cameras, the system will record videos. Maybe you could turn down the sensitivity of motion detection to reduce the motion detection trigger.

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  • Thomas Megahee

    Bella has no clue as to what this complaint is about.  This is not a detection problem, but a PLAYBACK problem.  I call it looping, another user called it stutter.  Annke supplied me with updated firmware, which, due to an incorrect default setting for the wrench icon (set), caused a different problem, but did not fix the looping.  For those of you experiencing this, contact customer support, and complain loudly and often.

    Otherwise, this is the BEST low-cost DVR out there.

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