Annke Vision app - Cameras offline



  • Andy

    Regarding the cameras cannot be viewed via the app Annke Vision remotely, below are some possible reasons and corresponding solutions:


    1. The DVR may be offline.

    To confirm, please refer to this instruction to check the DVR's network status:

    Please follow the steps in the instruction to set the DVR if it's offline. 


    2. There may be some setting mistakes on the DVR or on the app.

    To remove them, please reset the DVR to factory default setting to have a try.

    To proceed, please log into the system, right-click the mouse and go to Menu--Maintenance--Default, click "Restore Defaults".

    After that, please remove the system from your app account, and follow this instruction to add it to the app again:

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  • Rui Santos

    Hi Andy.

    Thanks for the reply. 

    Regarding 1. the link sends me to nowhere... Can you please send me a new one?
    EDIT: This is the DVR's network status. 
    0bps in Remote Live View and 0bps in Remote Playback.
    Is this the issue?

    About the 2. do I lose the firmware upgrade I did if I reset to factory default setting? I'm asking this due to an issue I had with the test emai that wasn't being sent and it only worked after a firmware update.

    Best regards,

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  • Andy

    Hi Sir

    I am really sorry to the feedback you so late, Kindly please directly show your problem to our support center

    we will contact you in time

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