Synology Surveillance Station How to set up C800 4K Camera



  • chris stone

    i purchased a c800 and have tried to add it to my synoligy - and get the exact same error, tried loads of settings and no change, i have noticed if i add it via an rstp url it works, but then i only get 1 stream and none of the good stuff talking between the 2 - its just a 1 way video stream, i have loads of cameras and this is my first Annke - please help!

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  • James



    I read online just a moment ago as I was looking to get a couple C800's and pair with a synology DS218.

    Someone commented on a video the following:


    "When you add the camera in Surveillance Station use the following settings. Don't use ONVIF.

    IP:<ip of camera>



    Camaera Model: DS-2CD202-I (others appear to work as well but may have features enabled/disabled)

    TV Standard: NTSC (for North America)

    Video Format: H.264

    Username: admin

    Password: Your password"


    Obviously I don't have the cameras yet so can't give the above a go. I assume I'd choose PAL and H.265 as well.

    Hope it helps, would be great to know,

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  • chris stone

    James - huge thank you! confirmed on my system works perfectly, all the streams and everything, thank you so much :) *quick edit, i couldn't get the proper full res using the DS-2CD202-I or 2nd streams, so i tried the DS-2CD2083G0-I and that has all the res and streams etc

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