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    Hi friend, may I know where you hear the clicking noise? When you switch the camera's channels on Annke vision app? Please kindly let us know more details so that we could understand the problem. Thank you.

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  • James

    Terry I know this was a month ago but didn't see if you got your solution or if your still working with a DVR that is clicking!?


    So to know for sure what is going on what type of DVR are you using. This is important because many different DVR's will have different features and one feature that is on 1 might not be on the other. 


    So off hand without knowing model or features your DVR has, I would put the issue with your HDD, or system Fan if it has one.. Depending on your Model year DVR or the Brand and model of HDD that is installed in it that would be the first suspect. IF your DVR has HDD Smart Feature I would double check with that and see if there is anything in there that either has ERR in the area that would normally say OK. 

    Next thing and first thing I would do is Turn off all power from the DVR that means removing all BNC and HDMI and D-Sub if your DVR has the options. Once all cables are removed I would remove the top like your going to Replace the HDD or like you are going to do your Yearly Cleaning,.. I would at this point Clean the DVR if it hasn't been cleaned and is full of dust using a Can of Air is best method keeping the can upright so it only releases compressed air. Once all clean connect only HDMI or D-Sub, mouse, and power turn on the DVR and listen if the Clicking is still there.. If it is. Turn off, Remove all cables again mouse can stay but HDMI, power and D-Sub should be removed, Then at this time I would unplug both the Power wire and the Data cable from the HDD. If you have not done this before there might be Clips that hold the HDD cable and power cable in place so you would want to press the clip while you pull out the cables from HDD. Plug your monitor cable back in HDMI or D-Sub, mouse and power and turn on.. HDD isn't always needed for the system to turn on as the Program for the DVR is built into the DVR. If that clicking noise is no longer there then it is a safe bet that your system needs a NEW HDD. Please keep in mind while I don't know how old your DVR is I do know that one of my last DVR's to need a Replacement HDD has been in service for over 4.5 years and with 40k hours on the HDD was good in my book.. Remember most systems that are Recording run the HDD 24/7 and even if your only recording Motion the HDD is always writing to your HDD

    About the fan.. If it was the issue if yours has one. It would be evident now with the lid off. If your system has a CPU fan it might be damaged and the click noise is that it's trying to start, if it is a case fan it could be clicking because it has failed and as it is starting to spin it isn't able to get it going and can click. Another issue is that if there is something in the Fan.. Hair is a good Fan Killer. and easy to get into systems that are on someone desk or close to an area that people might brush their hair. 

    Personally a DVR or NVR should be placed in a Secure room that is hidden away form normal every day traffic. Room should be Climate controlled with Fresh air in and a way for the stale air to escape... Attics and basements are bad in most cases. 

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