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    The surveillance system can detect small image optical changes. The motion detection can be triggered by a small image change from the camera. Image is transmitted by a light signal.
    Therefore, even if there is no object in front of cameras such as humans, animals, or cars, the system may still be triggered by small light changes such as floating clouds, shaking leaves.
    Most customers hope the system can only be triggered by a big object like people and ignore the small movement. But based on the theory of how motion detection works, there could still be false alarms.

    To reduce the false alarm, you can:
    1. Set a lower sensitivity of detection draw a smaller detection area.
    2. If the camera support PIR, enable PIR to decrease false alarms.

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  • James N

    So there are a few things that you can do.. Sadly one of the things that everyone thought when the White light cameras came out that it would help Reduce the false alarms at night and sadly this just isn't the case... 

    So if your main issue is Bugs at night there are some good news sadly only 1 way isn't going to cost something.. First thing you need to change your camera into Color at night and if your camera has White Lights on the camera turn them off.. You will need to have a good amount of light around for this to work.. 

    Then here is the next thing.. This will be for Color and or B/W depending on your camera and location of cameras.. That is buy a IR blaster or White Light Blaster. Now there are companies out there that will charge (You get what you pay for Prices) and then there are some out there that are cheap enough that if they no longer work after a year or 2 buy new ones.. So out of the Gate Lumanir is a company I have bought from for years.. However They are very costly and have a good Warranty used to be 10 they changed to 8 and now I think it might have changed again to 5 years... My oldest is 10 and they are still working and while one might say not 100% as well as it did 10 years ago that would be ok because I got every dollar out of them.. Couple of years ago I bought cheap set off Ebay trying to see what was going on and why so cheap. I installed and right off I could see image quality difference.. So how long did it last well sadly one of the 2 stopped working 8 months after I bought them and the second one lasted 2 months longer.. I was able to Repair them myself and have worked since but IR is starting to Diminish and to be honest that is fine because they were to bright to start with however I give them about 6 months or less.. Once they go I will replace the IR leds with new ones and keep using them so no big loss for me...

    So about placing IR or White lights, Just need to make sure you buy some that are in the cameras FOV range. Then place them facing the ROI and make sure they are not to close to the camera so the bugs go to the light and don't detract from the cameras view... 

    Another thing you can do if your camera or DVR./VNR has a VCA and offers Tripwire or Intrusion that can help reduce false alarms as well..  

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