ANNKE VISION - Reset Admin Password on Annke System via SADP Software




  • Peter Ryan

    Thanks for all your help I had a intermittent hard disk failor over new card disk now do I leave a feed back thanks in advance Peter

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  • Support Team

    Hi Peter, please check to troubleshoot the hard disk by:
    1. Power off the recorder and unplug the hard drive then plug it back in, see if the recorder can recognize it properly after a reboot.
    2. Try another power supply (of the same voltage and equal/higher amperage) for the recorder.
    If the above methods won't work, please reply to the results of them to our agent at the ticket #1433984.

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  • Glenda Melendez

    Hello. I forget DvR password

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  • yurahip66

    Everything worked out, thank you very much!

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