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Annke Vision - What to Do If DVR/NVR Show "No signal" or Black and Blank on The Monitor?



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  • Martin Knuth

    I purchased a Scannce N48WHE1T S/N;20190301000006
    The unit does not boot up with either a HDMI cable or the VGA cable.
    The Mouse does not light up when pugged in.
    I have enclosed snap shots with the boards powered up.
    There is one Green light light up on the main board, and D3 is light up on the small board.
    Can you send me the schematic of the boards for this NVR system?
    Is it possible to get a replacement NVR that works?
    I sent a snapshot with the Model and S/N. Your drop down menu does not show my unit.
    Thank You,
    Martin Knuth

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